Saturday, September 20, 2008

Valley Greenery Produce Stand is Open!!!

Well, we finally did it!!!! We set up our produce stand this morning...

After a lot of hard work and tons of fun, it was very satisfying to see all of the wonderful produce and watch it all come together as we planned. Alex is going to be in charge of running the stand, she will make a great salesperson!

There's another reason that today is a wonderful day. I got an email from a long-lost cousin. He was always a favorite of mine and I loved hanging out with him when we would visit his family. Too bad he lives on the other side of the country! At least we've had contact and who knows, there may be a time in the future that we can see each other. Hello to cousin Tom and his family! Can't wait to catch up on the last bazillion years!!!

Here's some more pics of the stand:

You know, I can't help but think, we sure are very diverse in our world. Between Noel and I, in any given day you can find us doing such a wide variety of things that you never know what we're up to next! That's what makes our world so much fun. Never a dull moment, that's for sure! We do everything from running three businesses to plowing fields to arresting people! What a crazy life! I love it!


Marilyn said...

Hi Vicki, Your produce looks beautiful! Now you are hearing from your long lost Aunt Marilyn. I loved seeing your pictures and reading all about your life. Your daughter and Tom's daughter could be sisters, they look so much alike. I have missed hearing from you & your Mom. Please give her my love and tell her I would love to get in touch again. Congratulation on your great Valley Greenery stand.

Vicki and Noel said...

Aunt Marilyn!! So good to hear from you! I will certainly tell Mom and Tom has my email address so... If you email me, I will forward phone numbers, addresses, etc. Love to everyone!!