Thursday, September 4, 2008

Awesome Day...

Today was a great day all around. I truly didn't stop moving from the moment my eyes opened until about 9:00 tonight, but it was sooo nice. Work went without a hitch and I got so much accomplished. Noel had an awesome day as well. The girls had very little homework and only one activity, which ended at 5:30. Noel and I went to the farm for a while after work to get a few things done. While in the field harvesting some gourds, I looked up and saw this beautiful sky...It reminded me of a child's scribbles...

When we arrived home, Kelsey, Alex, Allen and two of Kelsey's friends were here. Good thing too because Noel and I had picked up a kitchen table and chairs that my Mom had purchased for us and they were extremely heavy! Back in April, Noel and I had given our kitchen table a new life as a desk for the girl's computer in the rec room when we remodeled. It came out pretty cool too! Anyway, we've been looking for a table since then and Mom found us one. Alex is so excited, she may not leave the kitchen:

So, overall, it was a good, productive day. Looking forward to tomorrow though. We'll be attending the big rival football game and Kelsey will be marching in the band and cheering. Mom is coming with us and my brother and his family may also attend if they get in for the weekend from New York in time. Looking forward to another good day!