Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fun Filled Day...

Well, to start off, we won the game last night! Score was 21-14. Go Indians! Here's a picture of my friend Max. Her daughter was on the homecoming court.

She obviously has issues...explains why she's my friend I guess.

Then there's Lisa.
This is what she looks like right after
her son Tim made a touchdown:
She doesn't look like the nervous mother at all, now does she?

So, that was last night's activites. Today, we spent most of the early afternoon visiting with Noel's sister Bonnie and her husband Frank, who are visiting from South Carolina. We all then attended a birthday party for our great-niece Tori. Wait a minute...there is no way we are old enough to have a great niece is there? Ugh! Anyway, look how stinking cute she is:

After the birthday party, we headed to the RCA Picnic Grounds for a benefit night. Proceeds went towards heating assistance for the needy. We mingled a bit, saw some people we haven't seen in a while and even met a few new friends. When we got home, we found one of our upstairs bathrooms to be slightly flooded. Somehow, our toilet leaked without us knowing until Noel stepped onto the wet floor. Well, I guess we're off to buy a new toilet this week!

Although our day was quite busy, everyone found time to remind me of one important thing:

Once a queen.....always a queen!