Saturday, January 24, 2009

Supporting Your Community

Last night, Noel and I wandered over to the Northumberland County Career and Arts Center because a sign was posted outside that the "Art Show" was open. Once inside, we realized that the students from a local Catholic High School were the artists that had their work on display. There were drawings, watercolor paintings, photography, stained glass projects and other items set out for public view. Admission was free and you could provide a donation towards future art projects. It was so nice to see.

I like to participate in things that help our community, whether it be shopping at the local farmer's markets, donating at local food banks and homeless shelters, attending high school plays or purchasing yummy food at neighborhood block parties.

For instance, recently I was upset at the school board for our local high school. They had fired the football coach, who happens to be a graduate from the school with lots of experience, and hired someone from across the state, with a lot less experience. I'm sure they had their reasons for letting go the coach, that's their decision, but when you look for someone new, how about taking a peek in your own backyard. These are our neighbors folks, we should be looking out for them, especially in these difficult times.