Friday, January 23, 2009

My Day...

Started early today because I had a kid in crisis to meet with from last night so...

My morning consisted of meeting with 6 different kids: a sex offender, a bike thief, a teenage girl that lives to smoke marijuana, an arsonist, a drug dealer and a car thief. You know what they all had in common? They are all kids that are pretty much looking for the same things. Acceptance, love, respect, confidence, structure, guidance and acknowledgement is all they're after.

Anyway, went out to lunch with my husband at the local Chinese buffet. Not bad, not great.

Meeting held at work this afternoon. We were informed that no matter what, it looks like they'll be cutting two employees. We won't know until the end of next week who will be losing their jobs.

In the meantime, got a few calls from the Foster Placement Agency...we were supposed to have a boy come and stay with us for the weekend, but that fell through. Then we were back-up for a seventeen year old girl who may or may not be placed for the weekend..she wasn't. We were then scheduled to take a sixteen year old girl in a few weeks for the night.

Emotional day...yep. Trying day...yep. Difficult day...yep. But when we all came together at home tonight, I got a kiss from Noel, Alex is having a blast playing Guitar Hero with a friend, Kelsey and Allen are making dinner and Sadie has finally recuperated from a difficult vet visit yesterday. Life is good.