Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2009!!

Well, another year has begun and I want to wish everyone a very healthy, happy and prosperous 2009. Noel and I are very much looking forward to the year and all of the changes, beginnings and adventures that it will bring.

We had our friends Rhonda and Scott over for New Year's Eve dinner (steak on the grill that was out of this world!). Alex and her friend were here for the evening as well as Rhonda and Scott's little girl Emma, who also brought a friend. Kelsey, Allen and two other teens joined us after midnight. We were going to head to the event they hold down town "The Coal Drop", however it was bitter cold and windy, so we gave Emma and her friend good ol' pots and pans to bang and spent the turning of the new year with Dick Clark.

You know, we like to do our part in giving what we can to charities, so this month we have a pet-themed blog because we are donating to the ASPCA. Our county offices are hosting a donation drive, so it was easy to choose! Why not drop those unused dog dishes, leashes, toys or doggie treats to your local animal shelter? They can always use things like brooms, towels, blankets, hoses, dish detergent and buckets too. Think about it, won't you?

Or, you can drop a couple
bucks to support the ASPCA at

You already know that we own the best dog in the world, Sadie, but did you know that we are also the proud owners of a beautiful Beta by the name of Fitcher? Kelsey won him at the Bloomsburg fair this past year. Needless to say, we didn't think he'd be with us very long, but lo and he is three months later:

Today Kelsey returned to work and Alex went to Jordan's house for the night. So, it was just Noel and I for dinner. I made the traditional pork and sauerkraut with mashed potatoes and molasses bread. I will be the first one to admit, I HATE making mashed potatoes. It takes forever to prepare them and mine always turn out lumpy. But today, I came up with a new system for preparation. I made an assembly line that took me from peeling all the way to ready-for-the-pot. It worked out really well and took no time at all!

Clean up was a breeze too. Whoever does not own one of those to the store and purchase one. I've had mine since last Christmas (present from Kelsey) and I use it all the time! LOVE it! Oh and guess what?? My mashed potatoes were the bomb! No lumps! Mom told me I was buying the wrong kind of potatoes, so I switched and she was right! (Don't tell her, I'll never live it down!)

Fun thing of the laundry chute! It is so convenient and makes a terrible job so much easier. Pick up the trap door in the bathroom closet floor, toss your clothes down and off they go to the laundry room! The fall into a basket behind two doors that are right next to the washer.

Can it get any easier? Well, about a dumbwaiter to take them back up?