Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Can See the Gray Hairs Already...

It's official. As of yesterday, October 31, 2008, we have a new driver in the family. Kelsey got her driver's permit. I'm aging by the moment from the worry! I think you should have to be, oh I don't know, like 25 to be able to drive. *sigh* Ok, I can live through this too. Heck, I survived the onset of puberty of two girls, how hard can this be? Right? Right?

So, last night was the final football game of the season. We ended up losing 23 to 21. Very exciting game though. Since it was Halloween, the cheerleaders and band wore costumes. It was very cute.
Here's Kelsey and her friends Dee and Colette. (A teddy bear surrounded by two kitties).

Here's Kelsey cheering and marching in her costume.
Overall, it was a fun game, even if we did lose our chance for the playoffs. :(

Noel and I then went to meet some friends at a Halloween party being held at the Garden Terrace restaurant. Our friends Scott and Rhonda went with us. Alex ended up earning some extra money by babysitting Rhonda and Scotts daughter while we were out. The band Deuce played and we met up with some other people once we got there. I guess I'm showing my age by making this comment, but...the band was really loud! My ears are still ringing! Ok...let's get the rest of this weekend going!