Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home Ownership...a Non-Stop Adventure...

Today, Noel and I spent the majority of the day getting ready to paint the living room. It is a huge room and took a very long time! I am already feeling the aching back, arms and hands! I am so ready for a long, hot bath. Here's a pic of the room after scraping, spackling, sanding and priming:

I'll post "after" pictures when the paint is up. Problem: I haven't decided on the final color. Tomorrow I'm heading to the cottage, laying out all of the paint samples and begging Mom to help. I'm limited in the color choice because of the fact that we already have green rugs for the room. Mom will come to the rescue I'm sure.

The rest of the clan was busy as well. Alex had spent the night at her friend Carin's house and stayed for her birthday party today. Kelsey went to work this morning, had some pictures taken this afternoon at a local studio and is now studying for a Sociology test tomorrow in her dual enrollment class. Tomorrow starts another week of fun...