Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bye-Bye Weekend

This weekend came and went very quickly! It was filled with very routine things, but some out-of-the-ordinary things too. First, Noel got up sick on Saturday, so count him out for anything. His plans to get some things done at the farm were a wash. Later on Saturday, we had a 16-year old girl stay with us through the foster agency. She and Alex got along very well, so they had a good time playing video games and watching movies. Kelsey worked all weekend, but was able to spend Friday night with some girlfriends. They went out to dinner, the mall and the bouncy-plex. (Jumping around in a room of trampolines for an hour). Me, I was perfectly content to spend most of my weekend at home. The only time I really left the house was to go to the grocery store and to pick Kelsey up at work.

I experimented in the kitchen and made some pretty good dishes. I organized the fridge and as always...the laundry. Blah. But overall, the weekend went well...and quickly! Here's some pics of my accomplishments:

Hope everyone has a great week!