Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beautiful Farm Day...

Today was a great day! We spent last night at the farm and woke to the fresh country air! Alex brought her friend Brittany along. Kelsey couldn't join due to her schedule at work. We attended a picnic at a local farm, with all of our Leck Kill neighbors. Here's a pic of Alex and Brittany on our way to the picnic. The gathering was held at the farm behind them.

After the picnic, which by the sure do know how to put on a tasty spread...we harvested a few of our things to bring home. Look at those zucchini after only a week! We will be eating zucchini bread and pickles for years!


Grasshopper said...

I'm jealous of those zukes. We love to get the big ones and stuff them. Makes a great dinner, but we can't get any locally and mine aren't going to have enough warm weather to get that big. Maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like super fun! Too bad we can't grow much here in Central Texas, but it sure is nice to see someone else growing great zukes!